Innocent by nature, Noble Savage is a character who embodies the concept of the indigene, spontaneous spirit, uninhibited psyche, outsider, other; the individuum "uncorrupted by civilization", who symbolizes the innate goodness of humanity.

Above all, we noble savages bow to the will of nature, our kindly mother. Therefore, we are happy.
Not just a club. It is an international tribe comprised of people who match each other in their interests, talents, tastes, attitudes, erudition, and outlook. So please introduce yourselves to stay in the loop:
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This Friday and Saturday, December 1 and 2. From 11PM
Don't miss out on the spookiest gathering of the year at Noble Savage. As the moonlight bathes the world in an eerie glow, join us for a weekend of ghastly delights. Don your most bone-chilling attire, if you dare, and come dance, mingle, and savor the moments of otherworldly fun and frights.

This Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28. From 11PM
Macy Gray is an American muse, singing in the divine tradition of R&B and soul. She is renowned for her distinctive raspy voice and a style that echoes the venerable Billie Holiday herself. Macy has gifted the world with ten splendid albums which earned her the honor of five Grammy Award nominations. She is best known for her global smash hit "I Try", a sonic jewel plucked from her multi-platinum debut opus, "On How Life Is".
This Friday, Noble Savage is hosting an afterparty for Macy as she swings through the city on her world tour. You do not want to miss this, for we are talking good music, lively vibes, and a night to remember. Bring your mirth and cheer with you, and let's make it one for the books!

A celestial edition of our summer-time Garden Delights series. This Friday and Saturday beneath the beguiling gaze of the Sturgeon Moon. From 11PM. Step in and enjoy!
As dusk settles upon the concrete jungle, our garden in the heart of it comes alive, brimming with organic energy and embracing the night with an ineffable delight that is uniquely its own.

Introducing our special summer-time Garden Delights series. This weekend and every weekend until September. Friday and Saturday. From 11PM. Enjoy!
Gear up for the good times to come with our tote bag, versatile and stylish, your ultimate companion for all your short-distance adventures. Hand-crafted from organic and durable materials, it ensures that all your daily essentials are in one place; while its trendy design adds a touch of flair to your causal outfit ensemble. The perfect blend of usability and sheer coolness. Limited edition, collectable. Inquire about getting it at the reception.
Join us on another journey through the uncharted territories of music and social interactivity. Delve into the realm of invigorating rhythms and spirited conversations. Revel in the pure bliss of existence as we come together to celebrate the untamed and carefree spirits that reside within us all.
Who is NenaHalena? Hiding behind this name is an accomplished musician whose talent shines most brilliantly in the spectrum of Afro-Brazilian percussion and keyboard artistry, be that in his studio or on stage, where he brings his pre-recorded soundscapes to life with his impromptu instrumental acts.

His sounds have been released on labels such as Rise Bln, Stil Vor Talent, One Tribe, Saved, Sol Selectas, Elements; and are played live as described in clubs worldwide: in Brazil (D-Edge, Sunset Sessions); Berlin (Sisyphos, Kater Blau); Ibiza (Boho); London (Ministry of Sound, Tribe Life); Mykonos (Pacha); Saint-Tropez (Sanctum)... Don't miss it at Noble Savage this Saturday.
Just break them up into three parts – the names that don't make a whole lot of sense at once, and, being polysyllabic, don't roll off the tongues on their own: Mad Motor Miquel. And then remember to never call him Miquel, for he is Michel.
It was more than twenty years ago when Michel Neigenfnd embarked on his epic journey into the wilderness of Berlin's club culture. Fueled by determination, he took to the road, Mad-Max style, on the wheels of his old Volkswagen, a veritable clunker; a good friend by his side and boxes of records behind, from disco to punk and everything else in between. What was supposed to be a short drive – from West to East Berlin – turned out to be even shorter, as half-way to the destination, fate intervened with a mischievous twist, causing the engine of his relic VW banger to sputter its final breath and succumb to mechanical oblivion. It was at this point that his quick-witted friend bestowed upon Michel the moniker of Madmotormiquel.
The rest of Madmotormiquel's story is best told in his own words. This story is intricately woven into the tapestry of Berlin's narrative in its status as a nightlife mecca.

is a short RA documentary that traces the paths of Madmotormiquel and his friend Heimlich Knüller, as they recount their wild experiences of the '90s and the birth of the local club scene.

Resident Advisor: Beyond Sound (14 min)
Ladies and gents, brace yourselves for another wild and uproarious affair this weekend. It starts tonight with our fiery "Beats Unleashed" series intended to shake up and set loose our fun-loving inner beasts that have been slumbering, ensnared in the daily tedium, for far too long – ever since Monday! Leave the stresses of the dreary week behind and plunge with us into a whirlwind of pure euphoria. Remind yourselves of the sheer joy of being alive as we come together to celebrate the untamed and carefree spirits that reside within us all.
Gear up for the good times to come with our tote bag, versatile and stylish, your ultimate companion for all your short-distance adventures. Hand-crafted from organic and durable materials, it ensures that all your daily essentials are in one place; while its trendy design adds a touch of flair to your causal outfit ensemble. The perfect blend of usability and sheer coolness. Limited edition, collectable. Inquire about getting it at the reception.
Behold! The weekend unfurls its vibrant tapestry, beckoning all good souls to join our exuberant pilgrimage. With music as our eternal guide, we are setting off to traverse a realm adorned with merriment and laughter. The depths of our being ignite, illuminated by the enchanting glow of our tribal fire, as it whispers promises of uncharted euphoria. The spirit of Dionysus, the god of divine ecstasy, pulsates through our veins, unshackling our weary hearts from the mundane. You too shed your burdens, embrace the extraordinary, and dance with us into a weekend woven with celestial delight. For on this voyage, under the watchful gaze of the stars, we are to explore and discover the power of unity, freedom, and the timeless joys that that lurk in the embrace of the night.

What's cooking on Saturday? From the early nineties until this very moment, Ali Schwarz has treaded his own path of musical brilliance, both as part of the fab Tiefschwarz combo and going solo. On that journey, he has championed a wide variety of genres, released an enviable number of stellar albums, delivered an impressive array of singles and remixes to the world. Ali's creativity is reflected in the revamped jewels of such venerable artists as Masters At Work (Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez), Ultra Naté, Freaks, Isolee, The Rapture, Cassius, DJ Hell, Missy Elliot... Roxy Music, Madonna, Depeche Mode...

Averse to the notion of confining himself to the sanctuary of his studio and driven by an unquenchable desire to connect with his audience in person, Ali has been circling the globe in every direction, gracing the most revered clubs out there with his radiant DJ sets: Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Fabric (London), Watergate (Berlin), Space & Cocoon (Ibiza), Womb (Tokyo), D-Edge (Sao Paolo)...

For almost three decades, Ali Tiefschwarz has remained one of the most prominent figures in the international club circuit, continuously steering the course of dance music culture. And he shows no signs of slowing down. This Saturday at Noble Savage. Be there!
Oh, Saturday! Under your nocturnal veil, the mundane transforms into magic, and the ordinary transcends its boundaries. From bustling city streets to pulsating dance floors, you offer a sanctuary where inhibitions are shed, and joy becomes the currency of the realm. Join us tonight around our tribal fire in the garden to discover what you might be missing in your daily life. Starting 11PM.

Esther Silex had a nomadic childhood, roaming all over Europe with her parents. At the age of 17, she discovered her passion for music and took it behind the decks, soon after becoming an integral part of the Cologne club scene. Her DJ sets have always been anything but predictable, marked by eclectic selection that weaves seamlessly through techno and house to soul, funk, afro and disco. They mirror the diversity of her tastes and, like drifters in their own way, adhere to no formula, whilst remaining explosively dance floor friendly gems. Esther is officially a resident spirit at the legendary Kater Blau club in Berlin and soulmate of the fabulous Stil vor Talent collective.

E for Energy: I believe the world as it is today is made up of energy, waves of energy.

S for Sun: I thrive in the sun like blossoming flowers in spring.

T for Talking Heads: David Byrne is one of my biggest inspirations. If I were a sailor, his way thinking and moving through life would be my north star.

"Home is where I want to be, but I guess I'm already there / I come home, she lifted up her wings / I guess that this must be the place / I can't tell one from the other: I find you or you find me? / There was a time before we were born / If someone asks, this is where I'll be..." Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place.

H for Heart: I am so full of love. Sometimes I feel like the guy at the end of the movie Magnolia. What to do with all this love?!

E for Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen: My most played track of all times. Produced by Baz Luhrmann, it unapologetically addresses everything we need to know in order to enjoy and cherish life! Listen to it, if you don't know it. It's a masterpiece!

R for Roots: I often take my shoes off while playing as I feel safe when I feel the ground under my feet. Knowing my roots, knowing where I come from and honoring my ancestors is very important to me.

What's Next? Next comes Saturday, of course. Over time, our Saturday night series has become a self-propelling and self-fulfilling phenomenon, a perpetuum mobile organism of sorts, requiring no supplemental expenditure of energy to keep going. As such, it needs no special introduction or invitation. Come early if you want to skip the line at the gate and get the most out of it.

This Saturday we are welcoming Tegel Boys. This four-piece combo from Berlin takes on the mission of harnessing the power of music and unleashing a new wave of disco that spurs dancing with abandon. The boys produce music that resonates with the pulse of the soul, exposing their audience to a sonic phenomenon that dangerously calls forth the innermost desires of the psyche. Watch out!

We want to learn more about the people behind this fantastic agenda. But instead of randomly asking questions that may not be relevant or important to the musicians, we have developed a cute game of free association.

Called Microcosm, this game is set to hopefully open the floodgates to their philosophy, aesthetics, the full gamut of their interests, memories, and anything else they might want to share with the world – purely on their own impulse. After all, Noble Savage enjoys hearing stories told in a natural voice.

So we asked Jeremy Black, one of the Tegel Boys we were fortunate enough to reach, to select a few items in his immediate environment that were of spiritual, intellectual, practical, or any other value to him – objects he would feel most unwilling to abandon. And then to briefly explain the significance of these things, piece by piece. This way, each item turns into a living and very intimate question: Why me? What makes me so unconditionally special in your life?..
U87 Microphone. This is the first real microphone I owned. I bought it off my studio partner in San Francisco when we parted ways, but it's been with me since the beginning of my professional recording journey and has probably made an appearance on every record I've made for the past 20 some odd years. I believe that the main job of a microphone is to capture the soul. Sound is secondary in this regard. If you think about it that way, there is a lot of soul poured deep into this microphone.

Pearl Syncussion Drum Machine. This was a gift from an ex-girlfriend who passed away recently, so there is a sentimental quality to it. It's an incredible drum machine built in the late 70s by Pearl drum company. It doesn't take MIDI, so I have to trigger it by hand or with an external sequencer.

Oblique Strategies. A series of cards created by Brian Eno to provide perspective and types of advice when having creative blocks in the studio. I'm a big fan of comparing sounds to feelings and other senses. These cards are always at least thought-provoking and can be interpreted many different ways depending on how it applies to your specific scenario or mental roadblock.

Lola's Pop Art. This picture was made recently by my 4-year-old daughter. She constantly makes things for me and specifies that I need to bring them to my studio. I love her artistic expressions so much, and I feel that she is deeply connected to this work. It's also representative of the role that she plays in my artistic expressions. Learning about her taste in music and art is mind-expanding for me. I also love to sample her voice since she was a baby. I have used her sounds regularly in my productions, and I'm so excited to have this connection with her as well as being her father.

ATX 50 Headphones. These are the headphones that I travel with. Before this pair, I had another pair that was the same kind.

Moroccan Castanets. These were a gift from my friend DEYO. He brought them from his trip to Morocco. We were making a record together at the time. I didn't know much about them at the time, but I've since been to Morocco and fell deeply in love with the sound of their traditional Gnawa music. It's kind of like a trance version of blues, and the castanets play a central role in the groove. The music is performed at lila, communal nights of celebration dedicated to prayer and healing guided by the Gnawa maalem, or master musician, and their group of musicians and dancers. They actually perform the music for different types of rituals and ceremonies.

People Festival: A beautiful group of artists had a dream to come together and collaborate freely in the utopian-like setting of the Michelberger Hotel. My approach to working and connecting with fellow artists was forever changed by this magical week in 2016.

Cassette Recorder. It reminds me that the possibility of recording music is truly magic, and we are so lucky to be able to capture the sounds and visuals around us. And knowing that there was a time when none of it was possible is just as mind-blowing as knowing that the future holds many things that we can't even imagine.

Drive Wallet. This provides peace of mind that my drives and work are safe and by my side. I find it necessary to be organized when being creative, and having different compartments for things helps me get to the finish line, whether it's organizing my productions, cleaning my room, or organizing my physical things. It's a path to completion, one of the hardest things when making music.

See you Saturday, February 25. Starting 11 pm.

To paraphrase Ezra Pound, who was ruminating on the nature of poetry, music is a kind of inspired mathematics. Just as poetry (in fact, much more than poetry, for it is not mediated by any particular language, which may or may not be familiar), music gives us equations – not for abstract numbers, but those for real human emotions. One may prefer to speak of these equations as spells or charms, as we, mystically inclined, do. Magic or science, every emotion has some melody and rhythm to express it; and to evoke it in others on the receiving end. And so slow music in a minor key makes us somewhat reserved and introspective. Turn its parameters around and our mood swings up with it, making us more buoyant and outgoing.

Music is one of those "objective correlatives" that induces conviviality, a spontaneous feeling of unity among ostensibly separate persons, total strangers to one another, and on so many levels. Perfect groove joined to perfect mood, it is capable of disclosing the fundamental sameness of persons who appear different – indeed, who might be different poles apart. Music equalizes all the differences.

Sometimes the commonality of persons is straightforward, easy to identify. At other times it may be intrinsically vague, difficult if not impossible to detect. Nonetheless, it is there – the human-to-human similitude, distilled to its essence. No doubt about that. It is this rock-solid certainty upon which Noble Savage is building its temple. The Netherworld shall not prevail against it.

Saturday. January 14. From 11PM.
It's the last one in 2022 and in this status it gives us somewhat a strange feeling... What do we call it when you are sad and joyful, all at the same time? Joyful and sad. And yet it's not bipolar disorder :) Something akin to the experience we get watching a good movie, fully immersed in the intricacies of its plot. And then, when it's over, however on a positive note, we still feel at a bit of a loss. So good, it could just be going on forever!..

Anyways, join us tonight for the wrap up of our 2022 series. Given that nothing lasts forever, let's focus on the fun part of it.

Thank you, 2022! If only because you have helped us tear through all your thorns on our way to 2023 – a new chronology unstained by any flaws yet and radiating only potential. Thank you for your generous farewell gift – a sketchbook of 365 blank pages to be filled with curious shapes and only bright colors, ideally. We are saving the very first of those pages for our adventure to commence shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve. Is there a more fitting time for festal cheer in our game of life? Join us on this journey!

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe have been producing as PBR Streetgang for over a decade, and DJing together for much longer than that. Their craft was honed as residents at Asylum, a notorious club in their native Leeds.

Since they met, the combo has been focusing on the core values of dance music. Their productions and sets are acclaimed for their ever-present funk, psychedelic energy, seismic bass, emotional intensity, and above all for abiding by no rules of any particular genre.

No lofty manifestos, no grandiose plans – only responses to the opportunities that have been unfolding before them. And yet the PBR mobsters always manage to find new ways of expressing ideas that are profound and beautiful. Everything they undertake starts from scratch, and this tabula rasa phase is the only element constant in their creative process.

PBR have been releasing their manifold genre-agnostic gems on some of the world's most esteemed labels, such as Toy Tonics, Crosstown Rebels, Futureboogie, Hot Creations, Throne Of Blood, 20:20 Vision.

A Franco-German producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin, Franz Matthews feels very much at home immersed in the urban nightlife atmosphere of indie-dance and post-disco. That is to say, when he is not wandering through the realms that are much more cosmic and spiritual. This happens quite frequently during his travels to far corners of the world. All the impressions and experiences that Franz acquires and carries back from his journeys inevitably find their way into his productions and sets, and then into his numerous releases on such notable imprints as Eskimo Recordings, Heimlich Music, Playground Records, to name just a few…

It's all fascinating indeed, but don't we want to know more about this fine talent, observing Matthieu Brismontier (his real name) from more than one angle? And so, instead of shooting in the dark for revelations, blindly soliciting answers from Franz to questions that might easily be of no relevance or much importance to him personally, we have come up with this cute free-association "Microcosm" game. By extricating the artist from any particular topic, imposed from outside, this game is set to open the floodgates to his philosophy, aesthetics, the full gamut of his interests, memories, and anything else he might want to share with the world – purely on his own impulse. After all, Noble Savage enjoys hearing stories told in a natural voice.

We asked Franz to pick a few objects in his habitat, things of some spiritual, intellectual, practical, or any other value to him; those things he would be most reluctant to dump, should he have to relocate for the rest of his life. And then to explain to us the significance of them, piece by piece. This way each item turns into a living, non-trivial, and very intimate question: Why am I here, maestro? What makes me so timelessly special in your life?..

Could it be that this path is much more conducive to revealing the depth and breadth of one' s personality?

Roland SH01-a Synthesizer: This little beast has much more to offer than its cabin luggage friendly size, and this is why you'll get to see it in action very soon, as this is my go-to live synth.

Trabant Car: This classic East German car is the only car I ever bought, and it reminds me that I will be celebrating my 10 years living in Berlin in a couple of months. This is a long time, and I might be getting old, but I'm never gonna be as old as this car, so everything's fine in the end.

Aztec Calendar Necklace: Bought a few years back in Mexico, you won't see me often without this necklace on, except when I put it out for taking this picture. Anyway, the Aztecs predicted the end of the world for December 21, 2012, the date that makes this calendar totally outdated, and always reminds me nicely that time is a relative concept, and that everything passes, like the due date of this calendar for example.

Uzbek Flute: I love travelling, and I love making music (the simple pleasures of a simple man), and both of these things always give me an excuse to bring an instrument back from every place I visit. This flute is the last treasure that I brought back from Uzbekistan. I still haven't used it on a new track, and I need to address this important issue very quickly.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle: This book changed my life, and I surely hope it will change yours too, if it hasn't already. But most importantly, this book also changed the way I make music, and was one of the reasons that brought me to add more depth to my music by integrating spiritual messages into it. I especially think that this also makes a lot of sense on a dancefloor, which is, by essence, a place of spiritual communion. If just one clubber can bring a little bit of a positive message home with him/her, I'll consider my mission as complete.

Lomo Holga Camera: I don't do it as much as I should, but I love taking analog pictures when I travel, it always gives me great memories, especially when I wait 6 months to have them developed (I'm definitely an expert for this). That being said, I don't find this specific camera particularly good and wouldn't recommend it, but I thought that it sat nicely on this picture.

Brush aka Another One Bites The Dust Brush: Most essential and cheapest tool that I ever bought for my studio, point.

Garlic: As my friend Hazy Pocket's father used to say : "The Romans didn't conquer Europe without their one secret weapon… garlic." He might be right, but that being said, I'm not planning to conquer Europe anyway, or at least not with a bad breath.
Attention street artists!

If you have ever walked the underpass crossing First Republic Square from/to Radisson Blu Iveria, you probably remember the weird and vibrant graffiti lining floor-to-ceiling the walls of the tunnel. In a seamless eye-popping sequence, they transport you, bedazzled, to the far corner where you find the entrance to Noble Savage, if so lucky. So inconspicuous is the entrance, with the street art overcoating the gates almost to the point of their total indiscernibility, that you are most likely to pass by without noticing it. Brought up in the Berlin underground club scene to appreciate some secrecy, that's precisely how we like our portal, indeed. Or as Oskar Wilde once put it: "The most ordinary thing is delightful if only one hides it." It is just that we want to give our obscurity a touch of style that, while paying homage to the raw aesthetics that envelops the club outside, would reflect our inner cultural mission.

Noble Savage bills itself as an Arts & Social Club, International. So far, it's been more "Social" than "Arts" and now we feel it's time to balance these two aspects. We embark on this task by transforming the entrance into a public display window tо showcase select works of local street artists, supported by proper curatorial practices and promotional activities on the international level, with the prospect of auctioning the pieces one day to the material benefit of the artists.
Hailing from The Netherlands, Enzio Etchaberri is a Berlin-based DJ and producer whose aesthetics is generously nurtured by disco in all its shapes and colors, feeding on the gems of its early analogue days and just as much on cutting-edge groove-enhanced effect-filtered electro; sometimes strange in sound to a layperson, but always graced with a fantastic narrative at its core.

It is his manifest love for arpeggiated synths, syncopated rhythms and far-out cosmic ornamentation that sets his music favorably apart from anything in the field and helps reduce the pull of gravity on the dance floor, lifting people up in the air to see them, weightless, free-floating all around, as it were.

Over the years, he has tested this formula in various contexts and settings, playing warm-up, peak time and closing sets; at venues such as Sisyphos, KaterBlau, Ballroom Blitz and festivals such as Melt and Fusion. It works wonders.

Hand-printed limited edition Noble Savage T-shirts. Coming soon.
Hailing from Spain, Hugo Capablanca is a hip Berlin-based DJ and producer whose name reverberates with many notable patterns in the domain of underground music and club culture. Suffice it to mention in passing his residence in Berlin's legendary and long-extinct Rio Club in the early 2000s, as evidenced by "Ich war im Rio" forever-tattooed into his wrist; his full-on involvement with the Berlin Broken Hearts Club, a "raucous fairy tale" of sonic extravagance, artistic havoc and behavioral decadence; and, of course, his glam-wild TausendDisco weekly series at Till Harter's infamous Bar Tausend where the maestro has honed his very peculiar style.

Stimmhalt has come a long way from his native Tbilisi to places as remote as Burning Man, Decibel, Showbox Seattle, Echowaves, Lost Paradise, Peace & Love... His tracks have been released on Damian Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels/Rebellion, Get Physical/Kindisch, Bar25 Music, Akbal, Seven Villas, L'enfant Terrible, Underyourskin, Exotic Refreshment... You may have heard his sets on Ibiza Sonica Radio, Gardens of Babylon, Deeper Sounds... In other words, we're in good hands. This night just can't pass in vain.
If you were to ask, Dada Disco wouldn't name a single specific source of their inspiration. These two French gourmands take in and digest pretty much everything, from hard rocks and heavy metals to synthetics and ambience... That means you can expect anything from Denis and Guillaume but cliché. Design, art, cinema and fashion are just as important to them as music. And it all comes through in their sets.

These gents are very much the products of the "promiscuous and omnivorous" disco mayhem, forever imprinted in the collective memory of club culture as Bar25. It was through this jolly demonic mill, fumes and flames, thick and thin, that the combo blazed their way onto Berlin's raucous music scene. Veritable performers, their epic endless sets were somewhat of a cross between music and circus.
When it closed for good, Dada Disco went global from place to place, spreading their retro-futuristic sound along with their overtly surrealist attitude. "Dada" in their name refers, of course, to a movement that in the mid-20th century famously repudiated and mocked all sorts of artistic conventions while emphasizing the illogical and absurd. Dada Disco keeps experimenting with genres and influences to discover and deliver their own unique blend of sexy electronica, always favoring spontaneity over etiquette. The name sticks on all of these counts.
As someone once so aptly phrased it, speaking about music is like dancing about architecture. So it is almost impossible to describe in a handful of generic terms what makes the music played at Noble Savage so particular. It is the kind of aural signature that musically differentiates the club from any other spots in the city and locates Noble Savage in the stylistic spectrum from, say, Mutant Radio, which oft-emits the sort of fine experimental fumes that without residue diffuse into the atmosphere of open-air environment, to Bassiani with its almost religious devotion to robotic techno that pounds in stroboscopic blackness against massive concrete walls.
So what is it that we often refer to as savage disco in a verbal attempt to give one a foretaste for experiences at Noble Savage? The easiest of answers: it is, for instance, the purple sonic mantle that Berny is garbed in as the head honcho of In Dark We Trust clandestine disco cult. Having been born in that outfit to become an eminent DJ and prolific music producer, it is only natural that he would sport it on Friday, when maestro Berny will preside over the dance floor from behind the decks.

Boisterous in the range of 115-125 beats per minute, his disco has an uplifting and as much dreamy quality to it, for it is produced in a minor key in parts – what makes it positively somewhat dark and thus more cerebral and dramatic. The dainty bit of inspiring darkness obtains when musical phrases in a composition, some of them if not all, culminate with a note that registers lower in pitch than the previous one, which is atypical of classic disco. It was through this conclusive pitch-down notal arrangement that Depeche Mode worked their way up to the pinnacle of renown and near-universal admiration.
Savage disco is disco in the sense of being an "omnivorous and promiscuous" form, so characterized for its propensity to absorb all kinds of sounds. All this wonderful mess is however always supported by a solid and well pronounced beat structure that is made even more firm and dominant by robust bass lines. This powerful low-frequency combo is called groove and, in the case of savage disco, this groove is groovier than elsewhere in the field of dance music, broad as it is. Savage disco is primarily all about that – the mind blowing groove where everything else is ornamentation, from strings through acapellas to cowbells.

"What I figured out was... if you had a disco beat (which is the right relationship of the bass to the drums), the weirder the stuff you put it over, the more it would sustain repeated listening."— Michael Zilkha, as quoted in The Last Party: Studio 54, Disco, and the Culture of the Night.

Savage disco thrives on that seismic beat and, among other things, on deep and often roaring glissando drones, hypnotically monotonous staccato arpeggiation in the low and middle frequencies, somewhat minimal and therefore instantly agreeable melodic ingredients, ample syncopation, invariant synth pads running an extra-mile, reciting in indecipherable language instead of singing to convey some meta-narative gist of it all, vocoding instead of naturally euphonic voce, quirky instrumentation in textures, adaptations from the most distant genres, at some points bordering on what sounds like a hyper electronic rendering of rock'n'roll … Berny is a master of all that.
Hugo Capablanca is a charismatic and equally quirky character – a prolific producer/DJ who over the past decade or so has been steadily building a reputation for turning his playful dilettantism into a veritable aesthetic manifesto.
Before David Benjamin came to light as Noema, he was studying classical guitar and then piano in music school starting at the age of 6, performing regularly with school bands, and later in university he was focusing on music theory. He was first introduced to DJing at a break-dance workshop he attended as a teenager. He loved the idea of playing music that people could dance to, so in late 1997 he started DJing himself. He cites his academic background as one of the major factors in how he listens to and creates music. By his own admission, one of the most important takeaways from that time was a certain attitude towards art, that even the smallest detail is important and has a value.
We revel in the prospect of Hazy Pockets returning to his by now semi-native habitat this Friday. Cowboy-conjurer, "dedicated disco dilettante", in his own words, Berlin-to-Tbilisi DJ by way of Texas and California, endowed with a deadly instinct for turning a party on its head and putting pep in the step of the stiffest statues in the room. He is joined for the evening by Bene Tsintsadze, or simply Béné, one of the pillars of Georgian club scene and electronic music culture, responsible for а dozen of marvelous releases, compilations and remixes as well as countless sets that give goosebumps and as much hope for a bright future of the creative sector that he from his base in Tbilisi and Batumi represents to the world (United We Stream: Bene).
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Feel the groove? Can you dance? The bodily responses to these questions most thoroughly qualify Nadine's deep and rousing sound. The answer is one and it is an emphatic yes. Her passion for electronic music has its roots in her earlier fascination with '90s acid house, and at times it is perfectly obvious. The artist has a fine taste in musical matters ranging from almost forgotten and rare classics to the latest authentic gems sourced from underground labels. Whether it's a digital file or a vinyl record, Nadine sure knows how to handle both neatly, elegantly and to maximum effect on the dancefloor.
By way of the most compact and precise clarification: Friday is the day after Thursday and before Saturday. It is when we usually find ourselves closest to freedom. Short for words to spell what freedom means in each individual case and just as concisely and accurately, we resort to celebrating it in the broadest and fullest sense ever conceived by good-meaning philosophers. Our guests for the night are Frankie Beatnik and Sheimus K & Yuli Romano, who join us from Tel Aviv. Friday, 20th of May | From 11PM.
Gil Kory A.K.A Sheimus K, is an integral part of the Techno and House scene in Israel. He is the founder & owner of "TERRA Open Air", a production of outdoors parties who evolved to be a major community in today's underground scene in Israel, an active DJ performing at Israel's foremost clubs and a key figure in Tel Aviv's bubbling scene.

His DJ sets blend a variety of styles such as Techno, House, Leftfield, Breakbeat, Acid and Electro, with a strong emphasis on the raw sounds of synthesizers and drum machines typical to electronic music at its beginning in the late 70s. Always aiming to carry the crowd to unexpected music heights and to create an unpredictable atmosphere on the dance floor. Bombastic, sometimes outright ridiculous but rarely anything less than explosive, a club set from Sheimus K is no warm-up affair.
As you might have noticed watching the clip, our visual language is getting ever more metaphorical. Here, as you may guess, it is to suggest that this time you should to be prepared to be blown away, perhaps even physically – all in an intensely pleasant way, of course. And how could this be otherwise with Hugo Capablanca and Daniel Berhane behind the decks? No way ordinary. Friday 13th of May | From 11PM.
Hailing from Spain, Hugo Capablanca is a hip Berlin-based DJ and producer whose name reverberates with many notable patterns in the domain of underground music and club culture. Suffice it to mention here in passing his residence in Berlin's legendary and long-extinct Rio Club in the early 2000s, as evidenced by "Ich war im Rio" forever-tattooed into his wrist; his full-on involvement with the Berlin Broken Hearts Club, a "raucous fairy tale" of sonic extravagance, artistic havoc and behavioral decadence; and, of course, his glam-wild TausendDisco weekly series at Till Harter's infamous Bar Tausend where maestro – aside from working in a fancy boutique of stolen valuables and contraband luxuries by day – has honed by night his very peculiar style which in very general (and thus not especially illuminating) terms can be described as electro-disco. Hugo is also the head honcho of two outré music imprints of his own making, both as prolific as unprofitable – Bananamania Recs and Discos Capablanca...

"The Discos Capablanca label was never intended to follow a business model. This is possibly one of the reasons why it has passed largely unnoticed for many until relatively recently... I tend to like music that is hard to define, and I tend to avoid releasing records that sound much like something else already in the catalog..."
Life goes on, ladies and gents. Regular shall be the tempo of its progression until this Friday. That is when – around midnight – it will accelerate far beyond its normal pace reaching toward its absolute crescendo; heated up in part by the gracious flames of tribal fire in our Eden. From behind the decks, these moments will be sonically bejewelled by two remarkable figures whose names are inextricably linked to the electronic music scenes and underground club cultures of their home countries. Distinct in some respects, come to experience what actually unites these two spheres (and all spheres) on the molecular level and so well. With Barış K (Gizli Bahçe | Istanbul) and Lasha Guruli (SRL Radio | Tbilisi). Friday 6th of May | From 11PM.

And, by way of update: Another reason against abstinence tonight.
Dj Homeless back-to-back with Dj Unemployed. In their fine company, we simply can't go astray en route to the bankruptcy court :)
Flower by flower a garden grows… A perfect one, however, never springs into being by itself. It takes effort, all of which would be rendered tedious and futile without peace and love as the sources of basic inspiration for it and the outcome. In our symbolic universe, gardens hold much greater truths than deserts. They are vivid and uplifting metaphors for our own growth in the pursuit of inner and outer perfection, for harmony within and among us. This is the bedrock of our philosophy. Under no circumstances will it ever dry up.

Please join us this Friday around midnight for the much-anticipated revival of Noble Savage, or as we might put it in this allegorical light, the "Garden Watering" ceremony. Friday, the 29th of April. Starting 11PM.
In the galaxy of electronic sound, as we know it today, there aren't many artists who can lay claim to a legacy quite like that of DJ T. In the course of three decades, Thomas Koch has injected every corpuscle of his being into music in that paradigm – both as a prolific producer, eminent DJ, editor-in-chief of Groove magazine, cofounder of the seminal Get Physical imprint and in many other capacities. Through his program series that he curates in clubs around the world, Thomas is also responsible for establishing some of the most accommodative and fecund pads for new talent in the field, from which he has launched a number of the brightest stars in that sonic galaxy.

Over the years, DJ T. has traveled the length and breadth of the planet spreading his gospel. This Friday, he is bringing it to Tbilisi. Do not miss! The Revival of Noble Savage. The 29th of April. Starting 11PM.
Sammy D has been in music for decades, as a livewire DJ, fireball organizer, busy bee booker and whiz host in his native San Francisco. To the rest of the world he is best known as a vocal part of Pillow Talk. Implicating also Mikey Tello and Ryan Williams, the combo was formed in 2011 to amalgamate a good dozen genres, in some cases incongruous, testing and pushing the limits of each outwards.
"We grew up listening to what our parents listened to. But then you rebel trying to find your own identity and move to entertain whatever alginates your parents. So we went from classic rock, soul, funk, jazz, disco into hip­-hop and punk rock; and further into new wave, industrial, acid house and techno..."

Paging through interviews, one may figure their loose Pillow Talk method has been well hammered up by the wisdom of nihilism which demands the negation of all existing values and destruction of old paradigms. However, this nihilism is clearly of a generative kind, which does not succumb to the nothingness that ensues. It annihilates blueprints and formulae in order to make space for new practices, meaning and appreciation. Wipe the slate clean and lay down your own interpretations: "We approach music from a non-genre perspective. If there is even a hint of genre we would destroy it. DAG which stands for "Destroy All Genres" is our motto..."
Reggae, dub, boogie, disco, house, pop… In the Pillow Talk signature production or in the mixes which Sammy D is dropping in clubs, one discovers references to all of that. They are employed interchangeably to break the continuity of any particular genre that tends to take precedence in the sets.

Music is not the only source from which Sammy D draws his inspiration: places, travels, everyday encounters, world affairs, different climes, various social environments, interpersonal relationships, sometimes no less favorably from the lack thereof…

Tonight it's definitely Tbilisi zoomed onto Noble Savage. Come be his muse.
In Their Own Light
There are very few artists in this world whose legacy looms so large in the universe of electronic dance music. This legacy is so very much alive today that it is most likely to endure far beyond the horizon of tomorrow.
Tall Order
We are who we are, doing what we do. It is what it is, meaning what it means. In other words, it's a tall order.
Dr. Emmett Brown
Fast-forward the future to the zeitgeist of Noble Savage to meet Vasil Kutidze, a co-founder of Mzesumzira Records, one of Tbilisi's finest imprints and a primary pillar of his native underground club culture.
The Sorry Entertainer
Also known as Lotti who dwells in between the shelves of records which never collect dust, he is credited as one of the figures in Berlin responsible for shifting its original robotic techno paradigm toward a more mischievous sound.
She has emerged on the scene first as a co-founder of "Body Thrills", an experimental minimalist combo probing the outer limits of music reduced to noise; and then as a solo act pushing into the paradigm of dance music.
Hugo Capablanca
Hugo is a charismatic and in equal measure whimsical character – a prolific producer/DJ who for the last decade has been steadily building a reputation for turning his playful dilettantism into a veritable aesthetic manifesto.
Frankie Beatnik
Beatnik comes in beats per minute – each beat revealing how much you want that minute to last forever. It's David Gabunia's most recent artistic turn, his happy-go-lucky adventure in the sparkly rainbow fields of dance music.
A prodigious and prolific producer hailing from Brazil, he is on the path of finding and creating music which is universal in vibe – the kind of music which deeply resonates with the soul of any human being, any time, anywhere.
Ash Scholem
Embracing the versatility of innovative genres, he is one of those responsible for broadening the scope of music played here in clubs, searching within this scope for the niche of authenticity, the sound of Tbilisi sui generis.
Hazy Pockets
His marathon sets steal from the best and give to both the rich and poor – ecstatic dancing for the raver kids and the suits in equal measure. It's "oh my god we work so hard we're gonna have a good time tonight" music!
Luka Metreveli
The multitude of one... Luka Metreveli is a walking evidence and shining proof that multiple aesthetic personality is a very sensible and quite practical mode of relation to the outside world which itself is never uniform.
Oliver Klostermann
Following his rigorous formal studies, he is now preoccupied with developing his unique style combining the classical techniques and improvisational approach to jazz with the methods that define the cutting edge of electronic music.
Isabeau Fort
She is a scientist who closely observes and studies the atmospheric conditions for good vibes in the room, and a sorcerer who conjures the weather of emotions, creates a certain climate of feelings on and around the dance floor.
Kote Japaridze
Kote is a relatively new name on the block. But so is the block itself which has come to be recognized as a distinct phenomenon on the international club circuit since not so long time ago. This makes him a veteran on the local scene.
Esther Silex
Let's just say I never dreamed of becoming a DJ. I've always been obsessed with music as a listener searching for stuff which is as good as atypical. Then one day a friend called me, "You can't keep it to yourself. You have share it!".
Eliver (Twist)
No certificate from the University of Berghain to adorn a wall in her living room. Eliver's parents taught her the basics of music and bought her a set of drums – a foundation that is solid enough to buttress one's aspiration through life.
Dada Disco
They can't tell you a single specific source of their creative nourishment. These two French gourmands take in and digest everything – from hard rocks and heavy metals to pop-synthetic substances and gaseous ambiances.
She has been spinning records for years – first to herself, as it goes, searching for the kind of sound that would reverberate with her soul. She ultimately found one – in between various genres, from ethno to techno, modulated by her moods.
He has been around and active long enough to witness many twists and turns, high rises and low falls on the murky wavering path of underground club culture; himself staying focused and true to himself through the seismic shifts.
Nena Halena
Under his new alias, Nena Halena can be absolutely anybody. That's freedom! – unknown, unpossessed by someone's knowledge of you, unconfined by expectations, almost invisible, coming from nowhere, going anywhere you please.
He has been doing it since his teens. For the last couple of years, his music has been released on vinyl and in digits by Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Kindisch, Akbal Music, L'enfant Terrible, Underyourskin, Exotic Refreshment.
The Savage Voice
Aside from being a club, we conceive Noble Savage as a media platform to shed light on all sorts of cultural phenomena, local and international, both pertinent to our mission in Tbilisi, related if only in a roundabout way or totally irrelevant – yet interesting and noteworthy. The Savage Voice is something in between a notepad and a journal. It's a natural voice resource. Expect here interviews with the artists, thinkers and activists we encounter in the club and around the city; coverage of side events, references to and comments on the films, books and music we live by; our area discoveries and destination tips, links to other projects we dig in the neighborhood, our confused ruminations on the meaning of life... After all, Noble Savage is cumulatively a real person, diverse in experiences and perspectives, with many different interests and often holding widely divergent views. You may want to know this combo character in all its wonderful and paradoxical fullness. Read on...
Noble Causes is a series of special events at Noble Savage, with their main purpose to raise awareness for the issues we consider generally important and to facilitate the exchange of ideas we deem worth sharing. As many such good ideas find their expression in art and inspire the works of genuine artists, they quite naturally in this form and status fit the bill of a club conceived somewhat apart from the entertainment industry – as rather a sociocultural entity.

Wednesday October 2nd, we were welcoming a group of international artists who combine their diverse extraordinary talents to make a powerful audiovisual statement in support of our fragile environment – it is what we all have in common. The Gletschermusik project has been traveling around the Great Caucasus capturing the sounds and images of melting glaciers and reworking the collected samples into a showcase which is as aesthetically impressive as it is topically unsettling: The climate change has led to a drastic retreat of ice, thus negatively impacting the nature and economy of the region.

Given its significance and urgency, we were especially pleased to see Robert Lippok in this project, suspecting his genius must be that vital impetus which has been driving this concept for years – an avant-garde German composer who has been a prominent and influential figure on Berlin's ever thriving experimental music scene since the early 1980's; and whose name today is intimately associated with the singular and paradigmatic Raster-Noton imprint, blessed and illuminated by its shining resident deities such as Alva Noto, AtomTM, Byetone, Ryoji Ikeda, William Basinski, Wolfgang Voigt, Ryuichi Sakamoto, to name a few.
Health of the Nations... To be measured by beats per weekend – definitely our kind of science and therapy.

NME: Over 3.7 million British people over the age of 45 go raving once a week, a new study has revealed. 24% of those who took part [in the survey] said that they rave after 40 more than when they were much younger. Clubs closing – with more than 50% of venues in London shut down between 2005 and 2015 – is no hindrance as the number of illegal raves doubles in one single year.

Photo: Komet Bernhard, also known as Techno Grandpa, is a true legend of Berlin's night life.
Feral Moments
It is alleged that taking photos of people in color, one aims at and captures their superficiality; while black and white photography reaches to and ensnares their souls. So astute, isn't it? Anyway, it definitely looks both more noble and savage. Here are some early glimpses of Primum Vivere II – before the noble turned wild.
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