Noble Savage - Club - Tbilisi Georgia
The Vault of Fame
There are very few artists in this world whose legacy looms so large in the universe of electronic dance music. This legacy is so very much alive today that it is most likely to endure far beyond the horizon of tomorrow.
Tall Order
We are who we are, doing what we do. It is what it is, meaning what it means. In other words, it's a tall order.
Dr. Emmett Brown
Fast-forward the future to the zeitgeist of Noble Savage to meet Vasil Kutidze, a co-founder of Mzesumzira Records, one of Tbilisi's finest imprints and a primary pillar of his native underground club culture.
The Sorry Entertainer
Also known as Lotti who dwells in between the shelves of records which never collect dust, he is credited as one of the figures in Berlin responsible for shifting its original robotic techno paradigm toward a more mischievous sound.
She has emerged on the scene first as a co-founder of "Body Thrills", an experimental minimalist combo probing the outer limits of music reduced to noise; and then as a solo act pushing into the paradigm of dance music.
Hugo Capablanca
Hugo is a charismatic and in equal measure whimsical character – a prolific producer/DJ who for the last decade has been steadily building a reputation for turning his playful dilettantism into a veritable aesthetic manifesto.
Frankie Beatnik
Beatnik comes in beats per minute – each beat revealing how much you want that minute to last forever. It's David Gabunia's most recent artistic turn, his happy-go-lucky adventure in the sparkly rainbow fields of dance music.
A prodigious and prolific producer hailing from Brazil, he is on the path of finding and creating music which is universal in vibe – the kind of music which deeply resonates with the soul of any human being, any time, anywhere.
Ash Scholem
Embracing the versatility of innovative genres, he is one of those responsible for broadening the scope of music played here in clubs, searching within this scope for the niche of authenticity, the sound of Tbilisi sui generis.
Hazy Pockets
His marathon sets steal from the best and give to both the rich and poor – ecstatic dancing for the raver kids and the suits in equal measure. It's "oh my god we work so hard we're gonna have a good time tonight" music!
Luka Metreveli
The multitude of one... Luka Metreveli is a walking evidence and shining proof that multiple aesthetic personality is a very sensible and quite practical mode of relation to the outside world which itself is never uniform.
Oliver Klostermann
Following his rigorous formal studies, he is now preoccupied with developing his unique style combining the classical techniques and improvisational approach to jazz with the methods that define the cutting edge of electronic music.
Isabeau Fort
She is a scientist who closely observes and studies the atmospheric conditions for good vibes in the room, and a sorcerer who conjures the weather of emotions, creates a certain climate of feelings on and around the dance floor.
Kote Japaridze
Kote is a relatively new name on the block. But so is the block itself which has come to be recognized as a distinct phenomenon on the international club circuit since not so long time ago. This makes him a veteran on the local scene.
Esther Silex
Let's just say I never dreamed of becoming a DJ. I've always been obsessed with music as a listener searching for stuff which is as good as atypical. Then one day a friend called me, "You can't keep it to yourself. You have share it!".
Eliver (Twist)
No certificate from the University of Berghain to adorn a wall in her living room. Eliver's parents taught her the basics of music and bought her a set of drums – a foundation that is solid enough to buttress one's aspiration through life.
Dada Disco
They can't tell you a single specific source of their creative nourishment. These two French gourmands take in and digest everything – from hard rocks and heavy metals to pop-synthetic substances and gaseous ambiances.
She has been spinning records for years – first to herself, as it goes, searching for the kind of sound that would reverberate with her soul. She ultimately found one – in between various genres, from ethno to techno, modulated by her moods.
He has been around and active long enough to witness many twists and turns, high rises and low falls on the murky wavering path of underground club culture; himself staying focused and true to himself through the seismic shifts.
Nena Halena
Under his new alias, Nena Halena can be absolutely anybody. That's freedom! – unknown, unpossessed by someone's knowledge of you, unconfined by expectations, almost invisible, coming from nowhere, going anywhere you please.
He has been doing it since his teens. For the last couple of years, his music has been released on vinyl and in digits by Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Kindisch, Akbal Music, L'enfant Terrible, Underyourskin, Exotic Refreshment.