Noble Savage - Club - Tbilisi Georgia
The Savage Voice
Aside from being a club, we conceive Noble Savage as a media platform to shed light on all sorts of cultural phenomena, local and international, both pertinent to our mission in Tbilisi, related if only in a roundabout way or totally irrelevant – yet interesting and noteworthy. The Savage Voice is something in between a notepad and a journal. It's a natural voice resource. Expect here interviews with the artists, thinkers and activists we encounter in the club and around the city; coverage of side events, references to and comments on films, books and music we live by; our area discoveries and destination tips, links to other projects we dig in the neighborhood, our confused ruminations on the meaning of life... After all, Noble Savage is cumulatively a real person, diverse in backgrounds and experiences, with many different interests and often holding widely divergent views. You may want to know this combo character in all its wonderful and paradoxical fullness. In other words, stay tuned.